Test Cases


  Bag Types

  Body Expressions

  Boolean Types

  Casting Expressions

  Collection Types

  Define Rules

  Derive Rules


  If Expressions


  Init Rules

  Integer Types


  Iterate Expressions

  Iterator Expressions

  Let Expressions

  Navigation Expressions

  Operation Expressions

  OrderedSet Types

  Post Conditions

  Pre Conditions

  Real Types

  Sequence Types

  Set Types

  String Types

  Tuple Types

  Void Types


  Source Code Documentation

The documents package contains a complete MSDN style code reference.  All interfaces, classes, structures, attributes, properties, and methods are explained.


  Error Codes

The documents package contains an excel file, which contains each and every error and warning that the C# / OCL Compiler can issue, with respect to the OCL compilation process.

  Class Diagrams

The documents package contains Microsoft Visio UML class diagrams for the OCL compilation structure, and the OCL type library.





Source Docs
Error Codes
Class Diagrams

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